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Individual Counseling

We all could benefit from therapy time to time.  Sometimes we just need someone to sit with us and hear us without wanting to "fix" the problem.  Other times we need help finding solutions.   

Examples of reasons to come to therapy:

- You want intermittent therapy to help you handle life situations you may not feel prepared for

- You feel you are not connecting when you communicate to your partner or family members 

- You are in a difficult life transition

- You feel sad, hopeless, stressed, stuck, powerless

- You are dissatisfied with an aspect of your life

- You want more coping skills 

- You're struggling with conforming to your identity or roles

I specialize in LGBTQIA+ issues, including gender and sexual identity formation/creation/understanding. I also offer family support and guidance through understanding the very specific challenges an individual within the LGBTQIA+ community faces. 

Child and Adolescents

In today's world, adolescents face more problems than ever before. With the rise of many stressors, adolescents along with everyone else may benefit from therapeutic support. This may look like..

- Conflict resolution skills

-Calm down and anger management techniques 

-Communication skills to help with building and growing friendships 

-Tools to manage stress as academics, arts, sports and social lives can feel overwhelming 

-Goal setting skills and steps towards accomplishing a decided goal at hand 

-Familial divorce or conflict at home 

-Identity formation and understanding of values 

Children and adolescents are facing far more life stressors than ever before and therapy can create a safe space for an adolescent to process and grow through their feelings into the amazing human we know they can be. 

Cactus Fields

Young Adults

We spend the beginning of our lives in school, often having our days scheduled for us by others and told what to do and when to do it.  What happens when we do not have that same structure anymore? What happens when we suddenly have too many choices that feel overwhelming? 

- We have to adjust to a new role or identity outside of "student"

- We have to adjust to a potentially new living situation

- We may lose close friendships and gain long-distant friendships 

- We often feel stressed, anxious or scared about the job market in this new and challenging world that we may not feel prepared or trained for  

- We may feel depressed, ashamed, guilty or envious when keeping up with social media's definitions of success. 

-We need help managing the balancing of new college coursework, work requirements and social lives.

-We struggle with the stressors of familial expectations and financial stress

-We find ourselves potentially looking for new intimate relationships with others that we need to navigate

It is common for us to feel "stuck" as we transition from teenage years to college years to post-college adulthood. 


Whatever it is, I can be a helping hand on your journey. 

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